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Dr. Amit Mohan
M.B.B.S, M.D.

M.B.B.S [KGMU Lucknow] (Honours)
M.D [AIIMS, New Delhi ] (Gold Medalist)

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About Dr. Amit Mohan

  • Ex Senior Resident Doctor, AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Ex Member, Integral Health Clinic for Management of Stress Related Disorders, AIIMS, New Delhi
  • Member, Cardiology Education Series, American College of Cardiology, Washington DC , USA
  • Certified Diabetologist, MV Diabetes Hospital,Chennai
  • Certified Diabetologist,Public Health Foundation Of India, New Delhi


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Popular myth. “ Cheeni , chawal , aloo , meetha sab band ”
Truth . Concept of BALANCED DIET.
You do not get a dietary culinary kaalapani jail term with the diagnosis of diabetes. However, you should clearly understand that now you have to seriously take care of yourself including some dietary restrictions.
The people who are telling you are giving a concept of 1960s and 70s which was when all carbohydrates were stopped and patients fared very bad in years to come. The reason for the concept was lack of many options for medicines. Only a few medicines like some sulfonylureas were available. Now we are stuffed with an array of highly effective medicines.
Another is a concept of binging which means you can eat a load of foodstuffs of your choice as frequent as once a week. An official standard textbook concept(see references below). This makes you feel you are one of normal. The resulting sugar increases and metabolic derangements are well compensated on other days of dietary restrictions. There is a lot of depression in patients who are made to stop all foods of their choice indefinitely. The depression in long term is detrimental to health. Allowing intermittent sweet foods creates sense of well being and is fruitful in terms of happiness in long term. In any case, all diabetic patients eat banned foods “chori chori” ( in secrecy) then why not allow it under regulation rather than uncontrolled excess.
There is a horde of medicines now which can control blood sugar early in diabetes no matter you eat what.
Metformin is a rough equivalent of exercise in terms of action in early part of disease.
Advanced Sulfonylureas will bring out a lot of insulin in blood circulation.
Voglibose like drugs will not let a fair amount of sugar into body from stomach.
Gliptins will take care of post meal sugar increases to a large extent.
Saroglitazar will metabolically make body sound with a lot of sugar reduction in good ways.
Canagliflozin like medicines will remove sugar from the way of urine no matter you eat what.
However, this does not mean that medicines are a replacement of diet and exercise. Both diet and exercise will have their role till eternity but what is meant is that there is no medical crime in eating sweets once a while.
In any case, diet and exercise will be able to control sugar only in initial stages and will be ineffective in advanced and moderate diabetes. In advanced diabetes the role of diet is only secondary. The blood sugar in advanced diabetes will NOT be controlled by diet or exercise or both whatsoever no matter in how much quantity done. However diet and exercise will still help in delay of progression of disease.
The dictatorship of diet control will not cure diabetes. Nor will it make the diabetes control perfect.
Finally, the patient will have to realize that he/she is a patient of diabetes and shoul take care of himself by exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.
He/she can take sweets and food of choice in an intermittent controlled manner.
I will summarize.
You diabetic patient; Enjoy your rasmalai once a while without significant medical hassle.